cash in for a canine community

Paw your way through the following steps to start your 
application process. Here are four simple steps:

2019 Application Opens January 15th

Applications for year two of Dog Park Dash will be available beginning January 15th, 2019.
In the meantime, check out the steps below to get a head start.

Official rules and details 

Application Process

Executive Summary.

Write an executive summary of your community’s dog park project.

Land And Letter.

Get letters from your city or county official committing to donate land and support the construction or enhancement of a dog park.


Once you’ve completed step two, you’re ready to submit your application. Go ahead and send in those pieces and proceed to step four!

Community Support.

Show your pet pride as a community by sharing with us on social! This 
will help one luck community win one grand prize detailed below.

Nominate your community

We will notify you when the 2019 grant program opens

Dog Park Dash
Official Rules & Details

Grand Prize Contest

You’re automatically entered to win our grand prize when you apply for a grant! Now, showcase how your Community is actively engaged in making Tennessee the most pet friendly state. Organize creative, impactful ways to support pets, pet owners, animal and pet welfare organizations and their dog park project and share with us!

Land Donation

The Dog Park Dash Grant does not include funding for purchasing land — your community must provide donated land for the construction and operation of the dog park, the location and suitability of which are subject to the Sponsor’s reasonable approval.

Award Details

  • Grant awards of $25,000 per Community, totalling 37 in 2018
  • $900,000 in Grant awards each year for three (3) years starting 2018
  • The total amount of Grants awarded is subject to change from time to time.
  • This year’s Grant recipients will be announced in July 2018.

Communities that apply for a Grant will be entered to win the Contest for the Grand Prize.

  • We will award the winner of the contest $100,000. The Grand Prize will be announced by the us and awarded at the end of the Contest. The Grand Prize winner is not eligible for a separate Grant.

* Grant recipients and Grand Prize winners are not eligible to receive another Grant from the Sponsor for a period of three (3) years from the date of their Grant or Grand Prize announcement. No previous Grand Prize winner is eligible to win the Grand Prize.