Dog park dash is building more than 
100 dog parks across Tennessee.

The Boyd Foundation is giving away $25,000 grants to communities to build dog parks across the state of Tennessee starting in 2018! Your community could even win the $100,000 grand prize.


Becoming the nation's most pet-friendly state. Why?

Dog parks build a unique space for relationships to grow.

The relationships between people and their pets—the way they interact, live, play—all start with a common space. We all engage each other better when the ground we walk on isn’t so different.

Becoming the nation's most pet-friendly state. Why?

Dog parks foster a place for communities to come together.

That is the impact of a dog park in your community. Strong relationships form, and socialization becomes more than a word—it becomes a reality that unifies us, our dogs, and our communities.

Becoming the nation's most pet-friendly state. Why?

We believe in taking care of others and ourselves.

As more dog parks pop up, the health and wellness of those around us suddenly increases, and a few more smiles show up in the places we live.

Your Stories Inspire Our Efforts

Addi and Bane: A Story from Bolivar, Tennessee

Rachel Worley,
Grant Coordinator

get digs for your dogs.

Together, let's make Tennessee the most pet friendly state!

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