Addi and Bane: A Story from Bolivar, Tennessee

January 2, 2019

We always want to shine a spotlight on the everyday pet stories in communities around the state. Addi Mayfield and her puppy, Bane, were meant to find each other.

Bane was adopted from a resident of Hardeman County. The family had a dog with too many puppies, and they were giving them away. Adam Mayfield, Addi’s father, went to school with someone from the family and asked for pictures and a chance to meet the pups.

Right off the bat, Bane was affectionate and loving. Adam knew he would be the perfect Christmas gift for his daughter, Addi. It was love (and a bond) at first sight.

Bane loves to run around the family farm with Addi and her siblings, Faith and Colton. The Mayfield family now has eight dogs, and each are special to Bane. They play for hours and will have so much fun meeting new furry friends at Bolivar’s new dog park.