Making Milan Great for Maci

October 25, 2018

Allyson Wadley was born and raised in Milan, Tennessee, and in 2008, she move to Murfreesboro for college. Shortly after her move, she adopted her pitbull, Maci.

Once she learned that Murfreesboro had a public dog park, she took Maci every weekend. It was her favorite place to be.

After four years at Middle Tennessee State University, Allyson and Maci moved back home to Milan, but unfortunately, there wasn’t a dog park for Maci to run and play. Like Allyson, the citizens of Milan have been wanting a dog park for years. She started a new career with the city of Milan and began looking for grants to benefit her hometown.

Allyson says that when The Boyd Foundation announced the Dog Park Dash program, she knew that is was something that the city just had to apply for. The community support for the project is incredible and the city is well on its way to build a park for dogs just like Maci.