Pup Tails: Knoxville Edition

May 30, 2018

My husband and I moved to Tennessee from Brooklyn three years ago. Our dog, Pippa, joined the family last year after losing one of our bulldogs. She's been great at keeping Cricket, who is ten years old and needed a new buddy, more active.

Cricket is obsessed with dog parks, having been raised a city dog in Brooklyn and Chicago. She loves to trot around and meet everyone, people and dogs alike. In Chicago, we went to a little neighborhood dog park every day after work. A lot of the friends we met and kept were because of the walks we took and those visits to dog parks. Same thing living in Brooklyn; if we put the dogs in the car when we said the word "park" they went nuts barking and jumping.  

Going to dog parks definitely enables us to meet like-minded folks in a new city. Chicago had dog park happy hour and even dog birthday parties. That was what started it all. Showing up at the park there, we saw dogs in hats and a tray of treats. The friendly environment kept everyone chatting and planning for the next visit. We now take them to the park here in Tennessee, and they get so much exercise running around; they're more healthy and more tired, and anyone with a dog knows a tired pup is a well-behaved pup. We've even met rescue organizations at parks, and we ended up volunteering. People with the same breed of dog tend to flock together and start discussing their dogs and where they're from. It’s been a blast.