We’ve made it our mission to put a smile on people’s faces by creating dog parks across the state, where animals can play in safe spaces and people can grow their relationships with others. Our vision is to become the most pet friendly state in the U.S. by not only providing dog park grants in 2018, but also in years to come.

Community Benefits

Happier Pets.

Pets are free to roam leash-free at dog parks and play with other dogs without infringing on
private property or impacting traffic.

Healthier Humans.

Studies show that dog ownership has a positive influence on people with health issues like high blood pressure and also encourages
physical activity.

Closer Communities.

Having dogs and actively going to dog parks are great ice-breakers when meeting new people and forming relationships within a community.

Modeled after a very successful program that’s pioneered by our company, PetSafe®, the Tennessee Dog Park Dash will provide funds for communities to create their own dog parks across our state. Dog parks are places where people and their pets can come together to share their love for the furry friends.
— Randy Boyd

get digs for your dogs.

Together, let’s make Tennessee the most pet friendly state!

Nominate your county.

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